Become A Partner

DELIVERY FACTORY Ready for you 💚 We are a company based in Miami since 2009. We have enough experience to manage your delivery service. We work every day of the year from morning until midnight. Our offices are in Miami Beach in case you would like to visit us. We work very hard to be the best delivery company in Miami. And we want to work as a team with our local stores together to increase our productivity and increase sales. We work with more than 200 restaurants in the Miami Dade and Broward area. We offer two Delivery services: 1. Traditional Delivery Service ... when you need a driver to carry your OWN DELIVERIES we will be ready with our team every day of the year. The delivery charge varies according to distance and time. The delivery base charge is $ 5 in the zipcode where your business is located. You have the option to charge all $ 5 to the customer or cover a portion of this delivery charge and the other customer. It is the decision of each restaurant. 2. Delivery Service through our APP ... here we will take more sales to your business. We will offer our customers your product. In this service we will obtain a percentage for each sale that we can take to your business. This amount will be discussed with you at an upcoming meeting. For more details and to clarify any questions you may have please send us your personal number to coordinate a call or meeting. We are Miami since 2009💚