We are Miami Beach, Miami Dade... We will be Florida and one of the most important delivery services in the nation.

Miami Beach has been the foundation of our birth and growth as a company, and our people in Miami Dade and Broward will be the ones giving us their needed support to let it be known that from here great ideas and important corporations can be created.

The delivery service will take an important spot in the general economy of the country and more so in everyday lives of our customers. With a single call or click, our customers will be able to have at their doorsteps and within minutes whatever they need, wish or desire.

Delivery Factory has been built under the pillars of perseverance and persistency.

Since 2009 we have strived to please the most basic needs of our customers as well as the most extravagant of their desires; and our experienced and passionate working team has made it possible for us to be here for you 365 days a year. Reasons being why yesterday, today and always we will be READY FOR YOU.


Our mission is to provide our customers and partners with an excellent service experience, understanding the importance of time, communication, integrity, and be their premier delivery service in South Florida.